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You don’t have to be a superhero.

No special skills are needed, just your kindness, dedication, and support, and your willingness to spend time with someone who needs you.

Young people in our society need positive, successful adult role models. They need guidance in setting and achieving goals and positive reinforcement from someone they trust and admire.

With a small investment of time each week, you can make a BIG difference in the life of a child.

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Introduction to Lifeplan

This introduction of Lifeplan provides an overview of the program’s history. Visit the Lifeplan website at to learn more. Contact Dr. Andy Mecca to become a partner in helping advance Lifeplan at

The mentoring initiative

Andy Mecca talks about his role in the development of the mentoring initiative in California for an event in June 2015 at which he was honored in recognition of 40 years of work in the Marin County Schools. Andy is president of the California Mentor Foundation and co-founder of the Lifeplan Institute.

The magic of mentoring

Lifeplan Summit at Disneyland

A unified, collective voice for California’s youth mentoring programs.

Our goal is to grow the capacity of statewide mentor programs, and increase mentor recruitment and retention in California to provide a mentor to every child who needs or wants one.

Our Groundbreaking Program – The Lifeplan Institute

Founded in 2008 by the California Mentor Foundation, the Lifeplan Institute is national in scope and inspired by a commitment to touch the lives of 10 million teenagers in 10 years by mentoring them in the skills and tools necessary to build a sustainable personal Lifeplan.

More about the Lifeplan Institute

Our focus: four critical areas.

  1. Building public awareness of mentoring
  2. Securing financial support for grant making capabilities
  3. Commissioning research to document the benefits of mentoring programs
  4. Developing mission-critical tools and training needed to strengthen and expand both regional and local mentoring programs

Read the book.

A Plan for Life: Why Every Young Person Should Have a Lifeplan
“This book … describes the birth of Lifeplan, how it works, and why it’s crucial that every young person in America have a Lifeplan. By giving young people these tools, we are ensuring that each young person in America has a chance to thrive.”
— Foreword by George Lucas

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What we do.

We support at-risk children who have been neglected and are a part of California’s youth mentoring programs, such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Clubs, CASA, and many local after school mentor programs  such as HOSTS.

We have  also provided assistance and tools to other states, including Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington and Texas, to help launch their mentoring initiatives. California was first in the nation to develop a statewide mentoring initiative.

Well said.

“Mentoring comes first, because we know that if society doesn’t provide constructive mentors and role models for kids they are going to find their own on street corners, in gangs or in drug dens.”
– Remarks by General Colin Powell at a California Mentor Summit hosted by the California Mentor Foundation and Disneyland.

Our goal.

Our goal is to grow the capacity of statewide mentor programs, and increase mentor recruitment and retention in California to provide a mentor to every child who needs or wants one. We diligently grow an endowment to support sustainable grant opportunities for mentor programs and coalitions.

Lifeplan Institute is a national outgrowth of the successful California Mentor Foundation, which received some extraordinary support in 2002 from Star Wars creator George Lucas. At the world premiere benefit screening of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, $250,000 was raised for statewide mentoring programs and at-risk youth in California. The foundation and benefit premiere were featured on

Return on Investment.

Mentoring has also proven to be economically efficient as the most potent, cost-effective, preventative youth development strategy available today. Our research shows the cost benefit of supporting a child through mentoring far outweighs the benefits of costly social programs. Annual costs to support a youth in social programs:

  • $30,000 for drug treatment
  • $40,000 to confine youth at the California Youth Authority
  • and ONLY $400 for youth to be matched with a Mentor Program

Bottom line, the federal government spends over $10 billion a year on fighting the four social epidemics, making mentoring a highly leveraged investment, not a cost.

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